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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Nov 23, 2012 12:54 PM Flag

    19-23 Nov Eco Calendar: SANDY Aftershocks, Black Friday, OPEX, Thxgiving

    Yesterday Thanksgiving, nobody remembered the 49th Anniversary of the slaying of JFK. Nobody except some local papers concerning the prep for next year's gala events. And propitiously it is the week before Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2013, so no conflicts there, at least as far as calendars are concerned.

    The market closes is a short while, silver has popped on the eve of option expiration, the market is nuts, but in slow motion. RGR a gun manufacturer has declared a special one time $4.50 cent dividend, the stock has soared five bux since then, and will probably go another five bucks considering its factories are running flat out, they've created four more mini factories that won't be running with full efficacy until end of 2013, and they have three shifts 24/7/365. It is the closest thing to a perfect home run I have ever seen--especially since it is $5 below its all pre divvy high. Sound familiar?

    Why silver has popped functionally in the short shrift remains a mystery today, so I don't hold with this particular day being long term trendy. I suspect retracement, but for those in the mood to sell, what the hell, I think you can buy back a buck or two cheaper. For long term players, go back to sleep off the giblets. I shall use the time propitiously cleaning up post SANDY.

    So much mold, so little time.

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    • From the large gains in the PMs today it would seem that the PM manipulators are out of town and sleeping off their hangovers.

      Previous attempts to post this as a topic were censored (deleted).

      Nuf said.

    • I, too, thought about JFK. His assassination, like 911, is one of those events that you easily recall where you were and what you were doing when the news was made known to you. For me, that meant 6th grade math class where the teacher broke down and cried in great sobs adding to the number of memory hooks. It's a mental image I can still draw to mind.

      But only those of us with a great deal more "experience" were apt to recall that day in Dallas when the gangbanksters killed the man that threatened their deal.

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