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  • I love how political correctness works. It silences debate and solutions all at once. Win an election and your enemy does your work for you. I wish I was a historian, so I could enjoy watching how democracy unravels. I would have a better appreciation of the comparisions of Rome and USA. Just image if Rome had there versions of derivatives, they could have gone a few decades longer. As long as they had a media to help cover it up.

    With 2013 fast approaching, so is the 100 year charter on the FED. Do they shove a new charter down our throats by executive order? Can they withstand open debate on another charter? Sound money has to be front and center on any new political party. The Rublicans should have leaned towards the libertarian views, instead of the hard right.

    I see two new parties develope after this election, the Republicans have to have something that the right can accept and sound money is a strong message. The Democrats will finally self destruct under the massive weight of their programs. They will not accept responsibility, so the left will now want what? I have my guesses.

    If you think we are divide now, wait, you haven't seen nothing!

    Sentiment: Hold

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