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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Nov 26, 2012 11:37 AM Flag

    26-30 Nov Economic Calendar: The Mystery Week is Really SSDD


    “…and frankly, I am shopping from this desk not at the mall…”

    Since you are doing all your shopping from your desk, as are a growing number, how soon will it be before the “brick and mortar” crowd prevails on the politicians in the Federal Government to, yet again, violate the US Constitution by taxing your out-of-state purchases? As we have seen with Chief Justice Roberts on the issue of universal health care, they can twist their rulings into an unrecognizable pretzel to come up with whatever ruling satisfies those with the most influence, Constitution be dimned (insert an “a” for the “i” to avoid Yahoo’s ridiculous concept of profanity).

    Per Section 9 of the US Constitution: “…No Tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State. …”

    This issue always seems to come up during the “Holidays”, which more and more are nothing but a massive spending binge having little to do with the holiday itself. Internet purchases are causing the “brick and mortar” crowd considerable grief.

    There certainly are a number of State Governors who are chomping at the bit to increase the take from increased Sales Taxes, again, Constitution be dimned, with apparent support from many mass media sources dependent on the “brick and mortar” crowd’s advertizing.

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    • Another flaw in their argument, owing to the bleary-eyed lust for the grist of their power, is that "cross-border" sales are likely a wash and that the people benefit by having more disposable funds to spend at home as a result.

      Then there's the danged nightmare of tracking out-of-state sales taxes and filling out all the sales tax forms. We do that for one state already and have no desire at all to become monthly form submitters for 49 others.

      Moreover, a close examination of sales tax laws will reveal that it isn't something incumbent on the purchaser to pay; that would be a purchase tax instead. Sales taxes are levied on the privilege of selling at retail within the geographic borders of the permitting authority and not outside of it. That said, no other state has an arm long enough to reach into this one and command me to collect sales taxes for them and the State of Michigan has tried. The opportunity to flick boogers in that instance was very satisfying.

      You are absolutely correct, we face a constitutional conundrum and the greedy politicians, those eager to siphon yet more money away from the people, see this as yet another way to accomplish their ends.

    • It is only a matter of time before Chief Justice Robert's goes back to being a villain of the left where he truly belongs. Rumors from the beltway indicate he is very bored by his 'new" intellectual company post healthcare decision.

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