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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Nov 27, 2012 10:37 AM Flag

    26-30 Nov Economic Calendar: The Mystery Week is Really SSDD

    Good marks this mornings indicators are being shrugged off by fiscal cliff worries, but if printing money is one of the solutions, silver buyers aren't paying attention either as one half percent floats away from per ounce pricing this morning. It's all excuses for ebbs and flows, and looks more and more like two ants fighting over who owns the farm on which their hill is located.

    The biggest nagging fear in the deep recesses of everybody's mind, if the country actually shows some business oriented growth, the big elephant in the room, namely the Federal footprint, will evaporate like marks in beach sand at high tide. It's as if, o my gott, we have to do this without the Monopoly money maker stomping all over the landscape leaving big gouges in the economic landscape.

    The market is off, my little stocks are showing some resilience, I am not ecstatic, but remain cautiously considering taking half off the table.

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    • Although we likely all feel that in our hearts we know that the end game will just be more money creation—it's their only tool regardless of how it is deployed—the ping pong price activity in the precious metals markets has everyone waiting on the next big bargain opportunity. I think it also translates to the related equities.

      Even with all the Pascua related crosstalk, SLW seems to remain an appreciative hedge against the monetary fraud that will continue until it implodes.

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