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  • investorzzo investorzzo Nov 29, 2012 12:34 AM Flag

    Silvers 10,000 industrial applications

    The Silver Series: Supply and Demand (Part 2)
    Sorry you have to Google it, thanks yahoo.

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    • The, so called, development of an energy producing “invention” called “e-cat” would drastically cut the need for silver, if it was real. It is really fascinating watching these scam artists rope in people with their claims of devices that will produce energy at drastically reduced prices, thus making obsolescent things like solar panels, oil, coal and nuclear power plants, and you name it.

      Andrea Rossi is the Italian scam artist that earlier promised home heating/air conditioning devices available at Home Depot as of October 2012. Now apparently there are “safety issues” holding up release of the device. Here we go again. This is the typical playbook of all the energy “inventions” by this, that or the other scam artists. They promise, fail to deliver and move the time line out gradually into infinity pocketing the money of naïve investors along the way. It’s almost like watching the Fed gradually destroy the dollar, or at least the same mindset.

      One other similar scam artist was Richard Weir of EEStor who claimed to have developed a “ultra-capacitor” that could store enough electrical energy in Barium Titanate to power everything from simple home electronic devices up to electric power station storage units. The problem there was that the energy bled away, predictably, making the devices unusable, and no prototype was ever released. His scam has been ongoing for more than 5 years. Weir, by the way, was a former CIA agent, so what else is new?

      To explain in as concise a way as possible, the e-cat transmutes nickel into copper in what is known as a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) without any dangerous radiation of radioactive byproducts. Copper, by the way, resides next to Nickel on the Periodic Table of the Elements. (What next? Palladium (Pd) into Silver (Ag)? If you believe this you should short SLW.). Of course, in wide spread use, if this was a real possibility, this would reduce the demand for newly mined copper, which would reduce the need for silver, a byproduct of copper mining, in solar cells, as previously mentioned. It’s absolutely amazing that people fall for these scams.

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