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  • stillinshock stillinshock Dec 5, 2012 10:21 AM Flag

    Quetion for the board

    Is there anything that makes this stock increase in value? Is this company shorted without issuing the shares? With all the potential for a great quarter shouldn't the pps stablize here? Can politics be this influential on the pps?

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    • Traders use "pair trades" to limit risk. On popular strategy is to go long SLV while shorting SLW. Sooner or later SLW will move up with the price of silver with a added boost of short covering.

    • 1-They are a silver streamer. The price of silver WILL have an impact on the PPS,but it's also publicly traded equity.So, it does, can and will rise and fall with the whims of the market and trader's strategies.
      2-ARe you asking if there are naked shorts?Not sure of your question.
      3-The share price actually is pretty stable here. What you're hoping for is a breakout above $41.
      5-Yes, politics will influence both the price of commodities and the valuations of this and other publicly traded equities. Right now, IMO, the markets have baked in, a solution will be reached on the fiscal cliff that is temporary and will be kicked down the road a bit.
      IF they do not come to any agreement, the markets will drop.
      But when (and they will) a major agreement is reached, regardless of the perceived losers and winners (politically), the market will rise SIGNIFICANTLY, and this equity will rise as well.
      All, just worth my 2 wheat pennies.

    • SLW has wild swings, just like price of silver so buckle up, add in at 32/33 nothing is making sense right now....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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