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  • hoodlatch03 hoodlatch03 Dec 9, 2012 10:34 PM Flag

    Couldn't resist: SHORTED 5000 SHARES!

    Serious question, and no bull. Which would be the better investment for gold and silver? buying before the fiscal cliff or falling off the cliff and then buying?

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    • We really can't know for sure what's going to happen.
      I would have shares before, and the ability to buy on both sides of the event.
      Save some dry powder for a possible spike down if we go over the cliff but don't be without shares in case we don't and it flies.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • 1/4 now, 1/4 a day before , then 1/4 after and 1/4 2 months in

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      • Difficult to understand your strategy.

        The four month trend is bullish. 2 months into that trend a correction started and was completed. Over the last month, a bullish trend has re-established itself, coincident to the four month trend - as confirmation.

        Drilling down further, the current bearish 2 week trend was/is a correction within the one month bull. The current status is limbo. The two week bear trend could reinvigorate itself downward, but there are no particular signals stating what's going to happen next.

        The last trend rules until it doesn't. The current bullish 6 day trend (which is not particularly strong) ends only when 32.749 is breached downside for 15 mins, at which point the two week bear trend will have reinvigorated itself.

        This current 1 week bull exhausts itself upward at 33.63 (Mar 12 contract), unless it decides to take out upside 33.905, in which case the 1 month and 4 month bull re-establish their dominance.

        silver is just drifting until the next catalyst signals the next move.

        Maybe what I wrote, is as clear as cuneiform.

        chemaes..lurking around

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