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  • cmegladon cmegladon Dec 10, 2012 2:53 PM Flag

    About as much chance finding a solution to the fiscal cliff as finding DNA in Aruba.

    We got a prez who threatens a stalemate if the repukes don't give in to a tax hike.
    We got repukes who say, if you want a tax hike,let's do nothing, and you'll have a tax hike.
    While they're all in Aruba next week, partially paid for by taxpayers, they got about as much a chance of inspiring the Kalpoe brothers give up the whereabouts of the shark infested waters where poor Natalee was, as coming up with a real solution.
    Meanwhile, Mr. Market don't seem to care.For all we know, maybe we shouldn't care about this cliff. Maybe it's not a cliff at all, and it's nature's way of telling us take the pain in the short term, and once resigned to fiscal restraint, wait it out.
    That would be too logical.
    Who's goin to Aruba?
    Not I. They won't get my dollars ever again.

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