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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Dec 11, 2012 5:25 AM Flag

    Continued QE Bond Buying Adds a Pro PM Wrinkle

    Before it's been done with short interest bond money buying longer term bonds to keep the irates lower. Now we're "out" of short term trade ins, it seems made up of purely printed dollars or some other smoke and mirror to be defined. If that isn't PM friendly, the good news is that we will all be millionaires. The bad news is, that's the price of a Subway footlong. On sale.

    And that's what we suspect Bernookie will announce. More bond buying to keep irates low, but this time with more printed money, not short term trade in debt. We're out of short term trade in debt.

    Silver rode higher yesterday and sold off tonight on the hedge bondbuying will cease or be constructed from some other instrument that isn't a printing press. The market seems to be buying into some kind of fiscal cliff aversion, inching its way forward, but the PM crapshooters tonight are hedging their bets as Uncle Ben can't possibly start buying bonds with printed paper? We'll see tomorrow when Twist is scheduled for new wrinkles. I bet if he prints the money silver takes off like a scalded cat. The countervailing wind is fiscal cliff, and wind it is.

    but to me, and I am very pessimistic, on the issue of fiscal cliffs, this inching forward is the mother of all headfakes trying to get institutions not to dump before 1 Jan so that WHEN, not if Congress fiddle farts around till 1 Jan, it'll be too late. The prospect of sell half now, half later may prevail--but it will roil markets adroitly if the fiscal cliff isn't avoided by 1 Jan, or the can looks like it will be kicked down the road, on the decision making, till January. A lot of institutions will yell bullchit and the rollup of the past 10 days dissipates, institutions will get gutshot. I wonder if they'll sell half now, half later, as they always tell us poor retail investors. It takes real guts to be "all in".

    All this #$%$ between Boner and Oblamer is theater, all at the expense of the investor--the Congress is as gridlocked as ever, and all Boner has to reign in his constituency of greedyphukking Tea Party nutcases is his ability to fire committee chairs so adroitly at least one Congressman resigned this month. Some Repukelicans are making noises that befit salvaging investor pocketbooks, but nobody has done a headcount yet, and the dishonorable minority has shown penchant for not following the will of the people, however inept that might be, or they may be.

    The Constitution, said that adroit deep thinker George Bush the Second, is nothing but words on a piece of paper. So true. Nothing works unless people read the words, heed the words and follow the process. We've been so far off that mark, the Fed banksters ruining money, a Congress that doesn't ask for a declaration of war, can't even now pass an annual budget, it remains to be seen if we'll ever get back in the waning period of the American Empire. It's been 65 years since WWII. We won, but, stalemated or lost every other conflict since. We need to get over ourselves, and in the words of Paul McCartney, get back to where we once belonged. I hope that isn't the Depression. Our answer to the world has been, let's make the dollar worthless. That isn't much of an answer.

    Housing has stabilized, there has been five years trod upon to get folks to refi, and we are less than half way through that process. Housing inventory remains on the books of banks and lies fallow. The 8% unemployed still remain, Bernookie said the rates will stay low long after it looks like a turn up is in order, but he leaves the scene in Jan 2014, which no one has bothered to notice. Give it til next January when somebody mentions, isn't this the last January we have to deal with Bernookie? Then we get to sweat over the next cliffhanger, will it be another Bernookie or a Volcker. Could even be Volcker, he'll only be 117 years old.

    For the next six months to a year however, silver and gold will remain bright spots as the Fed prints its way out into low irate heaven. For those of us waiting for some kind of recovery of prices to refi homes, and there is still a bunch, for your information those who went belly up because of mortgage issues, that wait between belly up and refi is only about 3 years, not the traditional 7 for a normal bankruptcy. If those folks are getting jobs, they should be able to enter the housing market, last one in by 2015-16. Those dates sound familiar? I said artificially low irates till 2018 about two years ago.

    See how that works?

    Comforting no? Say, anybody want to share a footlong? They're on sale, no longer a million dollars, only 200K for a limited time this week. Pass the mustard and mayo.

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    • Silver and SLW seem to be going in different direction the last couple days.

    • Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to acquaint you with a blast from the past...that is the true system of federalism was never meant to work smoothly; no system of checks and balances can. The system was purposefully designed to be at loggerheads or in gridlock because the founders knew streamlined government also meant streamlined progress toward tyranny. It was there idea that only sound measures, those well-endorsed by the populace, would make it over all the hurdles

      This aspect may be the sole remaining feature of the government envisioned back in 1787 and as such may be the last vestige of that which we are supposed to have.

      • 1 Reply to moses_on_wall_street
      • No, no. The system may have been designed to encourage debate, but not be at "loggerheads" or gridlock. Gridlock was a goalpost never intended, resolution of debate was assumed. The outcome of that, a little bit for one, and a little bit for another, was the spirit of compromise. That is the difference between us and Italy or Greece. That stability to forge forward with a solution, however imperfect to some, gave a little bit to all, and moved the system forward. The implication it is ok to stall do nothing, and sit with your fingerupyourass whining you didn't get your way, is not the vision of our Founding Fathers, it is the vision of our Flounderingmotherphukkers in Congress. See how that doesn't work?

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