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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Dec 18, 2012 12:57 PM Flag

    17-21 Dec Eco Calendar: Twas Cliff Before XMAS and NY, too.

    It's Tuesday, do you know where your cliff is? Lots of talk in the shreds today about both sides bringing #$%$ fiday urfers to the table today, but nobody knows what. Maybe those making a mill or less will get a break, doesn't look to me like the Social Security party won't be over, as that hurts the maximum number of real people and raises the amount Congress can pilfer and leave a fist full of worthless paper. (As opposed to our currency, which is another fistful of worthless paper).

    With the bounce waiting on "just be over already with this self inflicted gutshot wound" we might get it in the general market. Silver and gold are taking it in the rectum because lemmings think this tissue paper stuffing the hole of fiscal irresponsibility takes the edge off the value of real money, but the fact is, it doesn't.

    Never catch a falling knife, unless you're a vampire waiting for blood. We get the deal, any weakness, it is time for both fists full of dry powder to be employed. And with the debacle going on in the gun business, there's no other place to put dry powder.

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