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  • kosikc kosikc Dec 18, 2012 1:36 PM Flag

    Here we go AGAIN!

    Guys, I've been buying here.
    Little nibbles, I sense desperation out there.
    They are trying to make us believe that the USD is healthy.
    Give me silver and gold as money, then I believe that things are under control.
    Each successive trillion has had a lesser impact, now even a few hundred billion is meaningless.

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    • You're right. The positive impact of more and more new fiat has evaporated, but it allows them to maintain their positions of power and that's what they are doing. In fact, I recall reading about a study a couple of months ago that indicated that we have crossed over the threshold and are at the point to where these new infusions of money now have a seriously detrimental impact on the economy, probably as the result of further value depreciation, but with a mental degradation component as well.

      When (and if, frankly) the dust settles insofar as the "cliff" is concerned, we would be foolhardy to expect anything like fiscal responsibility and ought to be prepared to deal with further monetary expansion. It really is the only arrow left in their quiver.

      The only people that like the current situation regarding the metals is JPM. They may be able to salvage that losing position they've built if the pricing can be manipulated low enough. Then I would expect them to become the engine to accelerate the price of the metals to the upside.

      But you should also be mindful of the upcoming further attack on your gun rights. It may be a tangentially related aspect of the upcoming economic default. Hint, Hint.

    • Yeah James Turk is right, why didn't they send some serious auditors in to that vault in London?
      And why is all that Gold "flying" out of Afghanistan? All the low hanging fruit has been picked already and rehypothecated over and over. China and India are going to keep finding and digging for what's left for a long long time, one way or another.
      I wonder what will the be the thing that flips the metals into mania mode. Perception is the false reality right now. Behind the scenes there much preparation taking place for a huge bid on the metals IMO.

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