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  • cmegladon cmegladon Dec 18, 2012 12:39 PM Flag

    As expressed by others and known by PM investors

    GOLD and Silver SHOULD do well.
    Who in their right mind would expect PMs to drop when the Fed is embarking on PRINTING to buy additional bonds. That's over $1 Trillion bucks a year added to the balance sheet.
    Couple with that, a LOW INTEREST rate environment through 2015 and geared to targeting UE at under 6.5%. The only threat would be inflation kicking in at over 2.5%, and we know how they measure inflation. So the likelihood of pencil erasers and bicycle pedals increasing in price is next to nil.
    On top of it, Europe hasn't really started printing yet and they will also reduce I rates.

    There is no better environment for PM and equity markets. Only thing holding back the flood of money into the risk on trade is uncertainty.

    Any day now, that uncertainty will dissipate and regardless of the plan, there will be a plan.

    They'll be piling on, very shortly.
    Weeks but more likely days from now.

    GL all.

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    • And look at Japan's new leader....this week telling their version of the Fed to print more money and aim for double the inflation rate. Threatened to remove their "independant" status by replacing their ministers if they don't. Currency devaluation is here to stay, for everyone.

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