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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Dec 18, 2012 10:11 PM Flag

    Silver/Gold Manipulation

    That simply means that they are in on the fraud.

    But what will happen as the tidal wave of repatriated dollars grows in size? All you have to do is look at the foreign purchases of American assets, note that it is steadily growing and then recognize that someday soon, maybe not tomorrow, but soon nonetheless, hard assets will see phenomenal appreciation relative to anybody's fiat, but the dollar moreso than others.

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    • The biggest mistake the Founders made when they drafted the US Constitution was to listen to Alexander Hamilton, and allow the government to define the concept of legal tender. If any politician should be granted “sainthood”, it should be Aaron Burr, who put a stop to any further damage Hamilton might have done. That was the beginning of the end, engineered by Hamilton, since it opened the door for fiat currency to be created. It was Hamilton’s brainchild, who created the first central bank, and who was also, from all reports of his meetings with New York bankers of the day, a Rothschild agent.

      Instead commodity money have been allowed to circulate from whatever source, with perhaps merely an assay of approval from a reputable source. Such things as a “fiscal cliff” would never have entered the current lexicon, since the discipline of REAL money never would have led to a fraudulent concept where there is a continual fight to prevent spending from exceeding taxes (which is a Creature created by fiat money), and spending “reductions” defined merely as reductions from previous proposed increases and never a true decrease of past spending.

      Further, if any listen to the well regarded “conservatives” (you know who they are) it is still most interesting that they NEVER allow the issue of fiat money to enter into their diatribes. But they will complain hour upon hour about the tax the rich objectives of the current socialist in the White House, whilst also allowing their “profit centers” to be inhabited by PM dealer advertisers with nary a mention or recommendation that they should be patronized. It seems the whole power structure of the country is pitted against what remains of the middle class that still exists to be plundered, a situation that can only exist under a system of fiat (counterfeit) money. This is like a well worn record of the past that continually jumps out of the groove and repeats itself.

      This situation, by the way, has the probability of being at the heart of most dastardly events, like school shootings. Financial pressures have a way of bringing to the surface such acts of violence. But how different are they than those of the Jihadists in the Middle East where missiles are launched into populated areas, along with the frequent occurrence of suicide bombers. They all spring from the same parentage of fiat (counterfeit) central bank money. Who has the cajones to round them all up and medicate THEM back to “mental health” in this country’s “mental health” system? No! The defenders of such an outlandish approach will loudly proclaim that these Middle East atrocities can not be described as having any sort of equivalence, since the robbery of the fiat (counterfeit) money crowd must be continued by any and all means until not one individual can be described as “middle class”.

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