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  • cmegladon cmegladon Dec 19, 2012 11:57 AM Flag

    Individuals AND business know what to do.

    Their duty is to try to fix it, whether it's broke or not.
    Our job is to make it work.
    In the aftermath of the tragedy of both Sandys, Government will try and fix it.
    After the first Sandy, they'll shore up FEMA and shore up the shore. After all, why not rebuild where it's guaranteed to happen again?
    And the new,improved, "say it aint so Joe" will be the anti-gun czar. He will be attempting to pass legislation that tries to reduce the number of guns out there.
    McGarret and Danny hunt bad guys in Hawaii with AR-15s and shotguns with 100 a shells visible in the stock.
    At home, Joe six pack wants one, cause it looks cool, AND just in case LILCO fugs up again next month, during the blackout, instead of falling prey to a looter he read about, he can wind up his generator, eat his can of beans and watch out the window in anticipation of trying out his new Mossberg and 00buc shells. Funny thing is, this guy watches Jeopardy every night, and doesn't spend every waking hour playing Resident Evil 4.
    Down the block, the kid who can't get a job and plays Resident Evil 4 all day saw Joe bring the Mossberg box home after last blackout scratches his head?
    Joe won't fix anything with more laws.
    Tell that to Richard Speck, Charles Manson, John Gacey and Wayne Williams.....They didn't use guns to destroy the lives of over 100 families.
    Meanwhile, I picked a home out of any E-flood zone, one a hill AND I call my kidz school and make sure they have armed security from now on. (They did for years).
    See how that works?
    I still shed tears and pray for the kids and their families.
    Fiscal cliff?
    Bring it on.
    We'll make it work.

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    • double 00 buck is no good shark-master.
      it is legal in MN and I have shot it but it's all hype.
      some lead in a coyotes intestine will cause him to fester and die but it's cruel.
      I have much better luck buying cheapest shells possible then take the lead out for fishing
      sinker casting, replacing it with bicycle ball bearings, shock and awe.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Re: Fiscal Cliff

      There's no way back. The system requires a cathartic event, one that ends the hegemony of the banksters and restores substance to both halves of every transaction. It's been a long time coming. Oh Happy Day.

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