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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Dec 20, 2012 8:43 AM Flag

    3.2 % GDP Not 2.7, Unemployment up, silver down, Bonehead/Oblamer Cliff Notes

    Since yahoo is balking at opening up messages, might as well play a juicy headline Subject.

    Nothing either party is proposing or posturing with will resolve the United States financial crisis way beyond the fiscal cliff

    a. until it stops being the world's policeman WW II style, and the world has to write a check to defend itself

    b. until it stops creating and spending borrowed printing press dollars to finance wars against bedouins who had the temerity to be borne over pits of oil,

    c. until it stops being lazy and develops alternate oil energy strategies cars and home heating capabilities,

    d. gets its money firmly backed by some basket of commodities,starting with gold and silver

    e. stops creating entitlements that are built on printing press dollars, to bribe the US citizenry that a government is more than the sum of its tax revenues.

    f. learns, like Germany has learned, that if you want social entitlements like pensions and healthcare, your ought to pay for them out of tax revenue, not printing press currency designed to disintegrate by half its buying power every 12 years.

    See how that should work?

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