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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Dec 23, 2012 6:32 PM Flag


    Why can't we go somewhere else?

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    • Primarily because banksters that control worldwide counterfeit monies have been so successful that there is no officialdom in lands anywhere that respect the widespread freedom and prosperity that springs from money of real value, and not just in the hands of the elite.

      People have lived so long with things they take for granted that they don’t realize the negative all encompassing effect that a medium of exchange (counterfeit fiat money) has on their lives. Does the diminishing value of fiat need to be further explained? Add to that the educational systems that reinforce the legitimacy of counterfeit money. They NEVER point to it as the means to bring about centralized control, better known as tyranny, on all but those in the inner circle of the elite. For some of us this is obvious, but unfortunately for many others they will one day become unknowing slaves to a universe of digital counterfeit money promoted by elitists by throwing out such terms as “fiscal cliff” as a diversionary tactic.

      The NDAA is but one step in the direction to extend ubiquitous control over the Internet. Before we pass the point of no return we need politicians or other well known personages willing to make such a public scene over this issue that it cannot be ignored, possibly risking being institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital, most of which have been designed for the purpose of silencing what cannot be silenced otherwise according to our rights under the 1st Amendment. If you wish to learn more about what a psychiatric professional has to say, in this regard, read any of the books written by Dr. Thomas S. Szasz, but in particular “Law, Liberty and Psychiatry”. This man, and his family, had the foresight to escape the tyranny of the rising power structure in Germany prior to 1935.

      Note, for example, how many times the “crazy ” or “insane” word gets thrown out there when anyone broaches the idea of gravitating towards that which would free us from monetary tyranny, such as what takes place when PM markets go into a slump and the naysayers come out from the woodwork to promote the idea that, in a world of counterfeit monies, investors in AUY are losers, and any who cling to the idea of preserving whatever they have of real value are “nuts”. This is reinforced on a regular basis by mass media outlets that accept advertisers selling their PM wares, but never mention outside of commercials that their listeners/viewers are well advised to consider them while at the same time claiming they are “conservative”. These outlets often have commentators on who blatantly express the stupidity of PM investors while hawking their investment recommendations in various paper based investments.

      There will come a top in this market sector sometime in the future and that will be when the mass media “conservative” commentators actually do start recommending PM investments.

    • You got a response from this screen name. It was also deleted. But it is enlightening to “test” and see what commentary will be deleted. It says volumes of where we are headed as a nation, and what sort of people approve what is to be said. Living “on the edge” can be most interesting, but too scary for most.

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