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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Dec 25, 2012 7:08 AM Flag

    Happy Holidays as we Jump off the Fiscal Cliff

    In a world where bureaucratic process has been replaced, wrongfully, in the minds eye of far too many, with the perception DC can fix fiscal problems with IPAD efficiency and a few keystrokes, some may be holding out for fiscal cliff solutions by end of year. "Might as well go home for XMAS" attitude on the part of our illustrious leadership tells me all I need to know about the efficacy of a quick solution, in whole, or in part. XSUM: NONE to be had. Boehner couldn't even get his own write up of a bill enough votes to pass the House he controls, talk about a vote of no confidence I called out the night of the debacle. It took almost two business days more before the pundits we so actively watch came to the same conclusion--to the point his job came up for consideration.

    Moving on.....

    24 December, half day quiet trading produced the 1/2% downdraft I predicted. I think we have double digit downdrafts for the next three days at the least--as much #$%$7% off the top of this 12% S and P trickle upwards. By Monday the 28th, we could see a flash crash. I never forget the algorithm playing bastids have never left the digital buy and sell, playing field, -- it wouldn't take much to go past magic numbers on the downside, to exacerbate the problem for all longs.

    One of my favorite junk bond funds had a dump of a mere 11,000 shares Monday past, and dropped fifteen cents in a heartbeat, and struggled all day to get back to where it once belonged. I suspect that kind of behavior will pick up across the board, but especially in dividend yielding instruments. I come into a bunch of cash Thursday and I will be out for any bear raid.

    Silver and gold don't know what to do with each other in this environment, and that is with Bernookie buying bonds with pure printed paper, he's completely out of short term instruments to TWIST. Talk about inflation looming. And he's only got next year, he retires at the end of 2013 and nobody has come to terms with what might be his successor. Like him or not, the replacement is going to be really gut wrenching.

    Happy Holidays. For investors, how could they be "happy" is problematic.


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