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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Jan 1, 2013 6:01 PM Flag

    Congress Meets Sunday, Fiscal Cliff's Averted? Who's Zooming Who?

    Guess what kiddies, per plan and per prediction the House, the same guys who wouldn't accept the Plan B written by Bonehead, are on a tear to tear up the Senate passed proposal as if it were confetti.
    Ovder the cliff we are, now it's got to be called a tax cut, but, wouldn't you know, the House isn't buying any of it.

    How that plays out tonight is the mystery to end all--but if I know the dishonorble minority, compromise and small bites aren't their style and its over the cliff we go! Are the cuts necesary or correct? Not the issue, just the issue of timing and the market betting on a swift resolution in days, to what should have been the priority of the past four years, putting together a realistic budget, built on revenues not printed or borrowed money, curtailed Muddle East wars, scaled back military expenditures for WWII era systems and mercenary military instead of patriot based, or at worst conscription based troops, scaled back entitlements not more "health care" without a means to pay for it-- nobody asked for, or voted for, and on and on.

    Is the House "right"? What I care about is is the House helping or hurting the market. I gave up on right and wrong about the time of Nixon and the flight from silver in to bullshitshapingthe value of our money.

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