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  • xraythrives xraythrives Dec 30, 2012 2:24 PM Flag

    Judge Throws out Silver manipulation Case Against JPM

    And there you have it people. The best criminal justice system that corrupt corporations can buy.

    And with the blessing of the FED and the Treasury no doubt.

    Story at the Kitco silver page

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    • The level of coordinated treachery has risen to the point to where even 60-watters are beginning to question reality, not all but some. Still too many 'don't want to know'. It seems that evil now has no reason to masquerade any longer. I recall reading about such a time in a book I read once.

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      • Iceland dealt with its financial crisis in ways that the United States, based on its Constitution, also should:

        “…Criminal investigation

        The Office of the Special Prosecutor was founded with the passage of a bill in the Icelandic parliament 10 December 2008. The aim was to investigate suspected criminal conduct leading up to, in connection with or in the wake of the banking crisis, whether these relate to the activities of financial undertakings, other legal entities or individuals, and, as appropriate, to follow up these investigations by bringing charges in court against those concerned.

        In April 2009, Iceland's state prosecutor hired Eva Joly, the Norwegian-French investigator who led Europe’s biggest ever fraud investigations into bribery and corruption at oil group Elf Aquitaine, as special consultant to a 20-member ”economic crime team” to “investigate suspicions of criminal actions in the period preceding the collapse of the Icelandic banks” which may involve several Iceland's business and banking leaders. Joly stated that the investigation will require a minimum of 2–3 years to build up enough evidence to secure prosecutions. …


        Baldur Guðlaugsson, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, was sentenced to two years probation by the District Court of Reykjavík for insider trading. The case was remitted to the Supreme Court of Iceland which upheld the ruling.
        Aron Karlsson was sentenced to 2 years in prison by the District Court of Reykjavík for defrauding Arion Bank in real estate dealings.
        Lárus Welding, CEO of Glitnir, and Guðmundur Hjaltason, Managing Director of Corporate Banking of Glitnir, were sentenced to 9 months in prison by the District Court of Reykjavík for a major breach of trust. Out of the 9 months, 6 are probationary for 2 years.

        Scrutiny of Icelandic business leaders

        Since the crisis began, many of Iceland's business leaders, who had previously been considered financial gurus who greatly developed Iceland's economy, are now under intense public scrutiny for their roles in causing the financial crisis: …

        Reportedly, all of those under scrutiny are now rarely seen in public and some have apparently left the country. They are also reportedly the subjects of an ongoing investigation to determine if any of their business practices warrant criminal prosecution.”

        To access the Wikipedia article, merely copy any of the above text into your browser (required to avoid Huyuu deletion of this reply).

        A radio interview last night suggested the best course of action would be to remove ALL of Congress, disband the Fed, remove all in the Supreme Court and those in the Executive branch, including the President in the absence of any violence and jail all business leaders convicted of financial crimes who now are free (such as Jon Corzine). It would require widespread public agreement. Great idea, but upon waking it would be determined it was merely a dream.

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