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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jan 1, 2013 1:56 PM Flag

    Silver manipulation, was dealt a lethal Pascua blow, to all criminally ABX issued Silver paper re Pascua

    Such, places SLW at the eye of the bogus fabricated PASCUA PONZI invented paper transactions storm.

    The same goes for multiple corporations engaged in Royalty and Royalties of ABX Pascua's Gold, Silver.

    Things are so bad for Barrick that no title, no certified domain and no Agreements were produced over the areas that in accordance to Barrick's Chile lawyer, are the areas of greatest geological interest to Barrick.

    That is why SRK wrote in its 43101 to SLW that Barrick had not introduced Chile side titles.

    Why did SLW buy Chilean Silver title less, legally forewarned, on the know, creating "sentences alibi", that would permit the ponzi scam of ABX to continue. against the public's purse as SLW + ABX at Pascua asset that Barrick never owned in Chile as filed at its 6 K March 2011 namely TESOROS concessions?

    Better take this warning serious if you seriously appreciate your investment.

    Remember, ENRON and Bre-X were a "buy, buy, buy" until days after they folded.

    ABX is a Silverless PONZI scam 600+ Million oz of Silver lost by ABX CANADA-USA, in one single legal tackle, to their doctored SEC + OSC books, at Pascua alone.

    Add: Gold less ABX carcass by 18 million oounces of physical Gold erased off from their flawed SEC + OSC filings.

    That is what SLW insiders faced off with perks commissions incentives and that, bought it from Barrick, we shall give you the legal excuse said SLW and ABX insiders, we all make money... regulators are OK... wink wink, they also knew it but looked the other way... now we are entering into crime scene reconstructions.

    Lawyers for Mina Pascua owner in Vancouver contacted BCSC regulators that were aware of it there was a clearly documented internal bias and file complicity background. How much money was dished out to protect Pascua fraud? when Silver was sold at inferior prices than garbage to SLW by ABX?

    Stolen items sold to a pawn house, sounds by the absurd price, that someone was buying knowingly, stolen goods. On record, lawyers v. ABX -SLW- regulators, have it documented in Vancouver and are not afraid to use it. In Chile on judicial record, 2013 SLW will be in the middle of an investigation of paper fraud abusing of Chile as a mean to defraud exchanges.

    SLW will join some characters that will close the loop as to the extent of their misdemeanor.

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