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  • quailrunrd quailrunrd Jan 2, 2013 10:23 PM Flag

    What was that noise I heard last night?

    It kinda sounded like a speeding freight train colliding with a Sherman tank. But then I found out it was Congress kicking the "spending cuts" can down the road...again. Oh yeah....spending the wealth of future generations in today's credit drunk population is a good thing.

    It was August of 2011 when Congress experienced a moment of sobriety when asked what they were going to do about rubber stamping another debt ceiling increase. Rather than actually doing anything, they stood around liked dazed babies about to wet their diapers when they finally agreed to a plan to reduce spending....thus justifying a huge rise in the debt ceiling. The plan...hand off the spending cuts problem to a Congressional "Super Committee". But if this Super Committee could not reach a consensus, then a backup plan would go into effect whereby automatic spending reductions from defense and discretionary budgets would kick in. The process was labeled "sequestration" and those cuts would go into effect 1/1/13.

    Oops! Now that the cuts are supposed to take effect Congress, like a yo-yo gone wild, pulls back on the cuts and erases them. Ahhh....don't we all feel better that responsible budgeting by government is just an antiquated thing of the past.

    So the budget commitments just erased (so easy) took place just as the U#$%$ another debt ceiling! Remember, back in August, Congress raised the ceiling from $15 trillion to $16.4 trillion. Treasury Secretary Geithner just told us that the new Ceiling was breached just one day before the remedy crafted to justify the last levitation of the debt ceiling was about to take place.

    Oh me...Oh my. What will we do this time?

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    • $60 billion to Sandy victims...There goes this years deficit reduction.

    • What are we going to do?

      How about disseminating some recent information about the Spire Law Group, LLC’s lawsuit against certain mega banks, Obama and those in his administration, and others within the Congress that are charged with aiding and abetting the mortgage meltdown resulting with many homeowners losing their houses. There is also the issue of TARP money that has disappeared into a black hole with no accountability.

      The law suit seeks return of $43 trillion from those sources, according to how they illegally plundered the above. This would wipe out the deficit, with enough left over to make whole those who have been robbed.

      Anyone having recent news on this please post the TITLE of the article. No links, please, as your post will be removed unless it is “white listed”.

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      • The following was found about the Spire Law Group. Apparently one of their attorneys quit because of issues loosely defined as mismanagement, to the point that many who were promised to be paid for their services were not. Any who read this can form their own opinion merely by placing the title of the following in their browser and it will find the website:

        “Homeowners Around The Nation Applaud Fadie Hany Areny From National Mortgage Investigation For Making The “Wright” Choice!”

        It appears that, unfortunately, this law firm is too inept to carry out their threat to prevail in their $43 trillion dollar lawsuit against the banksters, corrupt politicians and government officials.

        Also, know in advance that the referenced website has 3rd grade language capabilities, which probably is merely a reflection of the level of education at the public schools in the United States.

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