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  • ilap2004 ilap2004 Jan 3, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

    How corporate tax credits got in the 'cliff' deal


    The "fiscal cliff" legislation passed this week included $76 billion in special-interest tax credits for the likes of General Electric, Hollywood and even Captain Morgan. But these subsidies weren't the fruit of eleventh-hour lobbying conducted on the cliff's edge -- they were crafted back in August in a Senate committee, and they sat dormant until the White House reportedly insisted on them this week.

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    • Are nearly ALL the politicians in the Federal Government PURPOSELY destroying the country?

      The question arises because even as prosperity is increasing in Asia, it is decreasing in the United States. We all know that this prosperity is leading to increased military capacity in China. Certainly the politicians in Washington also are aware of this, yet their destructive tax policies, continuing wars, wealth transfers to non-productive parts of the economy, failures to address massive fraud in the financial sector and attempts to disarm the citizenry make their intentions highly suspicious and with all the earmarks of being intentional. Most mass media pundits tend to define “conservative” opposition to such destructive policies as mere cowardice. But is it more likely sympathy towards the policies of their political “opposition”? Add to that the brainwashing of those in the public school system through teachers belonging to unions combined with growth in the public sector workforce even as the private sector contracts and the conclusions of what will transpire in the future are inescapable.

      Failure to end the Federal Reserve, undo things like the Income Tax and go back to the Founders vision of having US Senators appointed by the state legislatures with changes that would circumvent the arguments that brought about popular election of them in the first place brings forth the conclusion that the financial elite that run the banking systems, large corporations and thus governments, are determined, as succinctly supported by David Rockefeller’s statements, to install a socialist system of world government that will make all of mankind/womankind subservient to whatever future dictators rise to power.

      The current depressed prices in the PM markets present an opportunity to protect many who perceive it as an opportunity to buy in at lower price levels. We do not seem to have reached a bottom as of yet. Many economists that are outside the sphere of influence of government double-speak are suggesting we have never left the recession, and are headed for one that will be even deeper.

      The price of silver, in particular because of its industrial value, will be negatively affected by reduced economic activity creating a great opportunity to benefit when it becomes evident to many more people that its monetary value will rescue them from currency values defined to be hyper inflated. Hyperinflation, according to most well recognized pundits outside the mainstream, will never happen. But given what has been stated above, how many really trust that conclusion? Is that just more wishful thinking because it would lead to currently unbelievable future social turmoil?

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