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  • bandazar bandazar Jan 4, 2013 9:08 AM Flag

    not looking good

    Too bad I can't post a link here. But it is about what a DHS insider said about metals dropping. If it continues to drop, then we should be worried. It may be a prelude to both a metal and dollar drop, and all heck breaking out.

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    • How do you get metals and the dollar to drop at the same time?

      BTW, UE still @ 7.8%. QE will not end anytime soon and the futures market is starting to realize that.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • it looks like the fall is halted per jobs numbers. It looked like a pretty strong turn bullish. can't really tell in such a short time frame but it looked promising.

        29.646 is the position to buy long against. but if it gets below, the position to short against. Next low is UNDER 28.00 in Ag. For the next several days, the price could bounce around 29.646 where the machines can take some money from retailers.

        Traders like setups like this. In the simplest of terms, a retest of a significant price (some know it as double bottomed) in both gold and silver.

        i'll be bidding long 29.734 on equity equivalents, no futures today, afraid of the chop.

        dollar has a gap to fill at 80.57 and as it falls to it gold and silver will have strength bullishly, however, what the dollar does at the gap, will determine what happens to AU an AG. If the dollar resumes bullish, gold and silver are likely to get slapped. If the dollar continues through the gap downward, gold and sillver could be off to the races bullishly.

        it's ok to let the dust settle and do absoluletly nothing today

      • i wrote a pretty good outline of possibilities but it disappeared. Don't feel like rewriting.

        bottom line , the fall has halted for now. 29.646 is the line in the sand, hope this post doesn't get ate.

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