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  • hailurban hailurban Jan 4, 2013 12:00 PM Flag

    For long term holders

    The CEO stated awhile back that silver in the high 20's and low 30's is good for the company. Long term holders need to listen what he is saying very carefully. The manipulation is helping Silver Wheaton. With cash flows and current cash on hand, deals are ripe for the making. The streaming model is a win win for the company's partnets and potential partners. Dillution is not a good option, and bank financing is even worse for miners.

    I think we will see some nice business this year. I would like to see over 2 billion ounces in reserves by the end of the year. According to Silver Wheaton's latest presentation, they have a target market of 700 million ounces being produced by base metal and gold mines. The company currently has a paltry 4% of the pie as of 2012! The growth potential in their words is "Significant." I agree.

    Those that stick with their shares will be richly rewarded over the long haul. Let us not forget that the dividend payout has massive potential as well. Here's to 2013!

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    • If investors think like I do SLWs silver in reserve and in the ground is better than cash in the bank.

    • Ive been holding SLW from the low 4 region.....I have completely unloaded all of my SLW...I have done extensive research on their stream at Pascua Lama from Barrick.That stream is the reason SLW has a premium in the market currently....Barrick DOES NOT OWN PASCUA LAMA...Barrick has halted all work at that mine currently do to their inability to convinve/bribe the Chilean court otherwise...Without Pascua LAma in SLW growth projections this stock isnt worth more than 25 and if silver does drop to 20 which I beleive is comming very soon then SLW is worth no more than 18 at best......I have held silver/gold bullion for over 15 years and will continue to hold while shorting SLV/GLD...The paper is not a play on silver and gold.....

      • 3 Replies to riterifff28
      • "if silver does drop to 20 which I beleive [sic] is comming [sic] very soon then "

        Judging by your grade school drop-out facility with the English language, I'm assuming you're the same Looney Tunes who spends 24/7 swamping the Barrick message board with lies and fabrications. You seem to think people are going to be guided in their investments by a raving lunatic (with apologies to Jim Cramer who patented the concept). Why not find something productive to do, like cleaning up your cell?

      • One other thing. Did you even graduate from High School? Doesn't look like it from the way you write.

      • "Barrick has halted all work at that mine currently do to their inability to convinve/bribe the Chilean court otherwise."

        This statement is false.

        I lived in South America for three years up until last November. The property rights issue you are bringing up is laughable. In South America, money talks, period. Bribery is a way of life. Everyone knows it. In 2011, I spoke to a major labor politician from San Juan, Argentina in Montevideo. He said these issues you bring up are a joke, and not even discussed in any kind of seriousness. ABX is not going to lose 8 billion dollars to a couple of twerps. It is obvious that you know nothing of how things work in South America.

        With regard to ABX, they are under new management as of last year, and are making significant changes to their operations and structure. Also, Silver Wheaton will get all of its investment back minus payed out metal in the event of project failure.

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