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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Jan 5, 2013 1:04 PM Flag

    Pay attention

    Let us not forget that there is stark examples of the repatriation of huge volumes of American dollars occurring. That will serve to compound the symptoms of the out-of-control check kiting being facilitated by the FED. Zimbabwe, the Weimar Republic, and others will be seen as merely pikers when this baby implodes.

    BTW, Paul Broun, Congressman from Georgia, has submitted HR24, Ron Paul's bill to Audit the FED. Public pressure is desirable to enhance this initiative.

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    • Any regime that has challenged the dollar supremacy has been quashed throughout history! Like Ron Paul this new order will be quashed.The powers to be are in complete control and when it appears they will lose control the system will implode.While I agree that physical bullion is money and the actual only real medium of exchange the powers that be have been and will continue to supress this medium.The slv/gld are simply venues for this suppression.These paper products can be sold and sold when needed having a direct impact on spot. In the 1930's this was simply not the case. A very big difference to todays market.

      Assett allocation this week will tell the tale for the remainder of this year in gold/silver. There are hedge funds hiding in these artificial products for "safety" when in fact they are simply not a safe investment at this moment.In 1999 when I was loading the ship with gold under 300 and silver below 4 that was safety and has proven a great investment. At this juncture this bull is gettin tired. The bernanke needs to plan an exit strategy for his leaving of the post for the next clown at the fed and just like Greenscum will "normalize" the books. This normalization was just vocalized on Friday and will crush the metals for the foreseeable future.Good Luck!!!

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      • Any regime not using the dollar will be crushed? Well, Darth Vader, that's because of the old George Carlin joke, the Russians can't bomb brown people into the stone age, THAT'S OUR JOB!

        In 1962 the dollar was worth 329 yen, by 1990 131 yen, and last year 78 yen, now 85 yen. We did that via the Fed. Brown people had nothing to do with it.

        Unless of course you believe George's joke, we can't let people degrade our currency, THAT'S OUR JOB!

        See how that works.

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