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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jan 7, 2013 9:42 AM Flag

    erasing Pascua PONZI facts will cash deplete innocent SLW shareholders

    Erasing Pascua Lama fraud news does not constitute clean title


    daily CIVIL RICO ACT trades at SLW and ABX PASCUA PONZI is a reality

    ABX has been criminally charged in Chile

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    • "ABX has been criminally charged in Chile"

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      • Yes again

        and it will be charged again next week

        Several charges were laid already v. BARRICK insiders in Chile and Canada

        HECTOR UNDA LLANOS titular of TESOROS for lies in Court to protect Barrick's lack of ownership.

        LUIS HERMOSILLA OSORIO their criminal defense lawyer charged with suing a Judge with libel and perjury, same libel and perjury used by ABX to sell SLW its PASCUA SILVER.

        Next charged are the ex LAC MINERALS executives in charge of BARRICK CHILE and Pascua.

        bet you ignored that one too

    • 45 million ounces baked into this streamers model based on Pascua............If that doesnt come to fruition there is serious downside here......I am under the impression SLW will still receive their 600 million back however at current multiples SLW will be hard pressed to find that kind of Silver to replace 9 million ounces a year for the first 5 years....At the very best everything will go as planned...At the very worst ABX gets its mine pulled at Pascua causing a serious revaluation in SLW.....This stock is already pricing in serious upside at current price of silver that other silver miners simply arent getting....SLW is larger as a company than the 5 largest pure play silver miners combined!!!!!!!Seems aggressive..................

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      • The onus is still on Barrick to produce the contractually obligated silver and Silver Wheaton is not a party to any possible prosecution from all appearances. It seems that Barrick would have to buy silver or make "other arrangements" not to default on the contract with Silver Wheaton. My guess is that owing to there being no evidence of panic at SLW, that provisions for the situation must be at least under discussion.

        I am reminded of Shakespeare's comedic work, "Much Ado About Nothing".

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