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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Jan 8, 2013 11:37 AM Flag

    Alex Jones


    We are long past the point where dealing with subversives is with kinder gentler conversation. The British Crown has wished to retake what had, in their opinion, been theirs since Colonial days. Some of us have seen this personally first hand and through the actions of our forbears who fled rather than remaining as subjects to royalty.

    Please do not take the approach that British royalty is no longer relevant. There are ample instances to the contrary. Ask yourself why Alan Greenspan was “knighted” by the Queen to become “Sir Alan Greenspan”. That, by the way, treads upon our Constitution’s restrictions on accepting titles of nobility.

    If Napolitano was to take the approach that you suggest, he would get painted into a corner, just as they tried to do with Jones, so unsuccessfully that they booted him off the program. His arguments were just too compelling to respond to.

    You have to show a little more confidence in the intelligence of viewers. When they see someone being interviewed terminated prematurely, it demonstrates that in order to cut their losses they would need to end the discussion.

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    • Perhaps, but if we are going to include the majority of mouthbreathers, those that are incapable of deductive and inductive reasoning—a growing phenomenon, then we also have to appeal to those that can think and do so in a cogent fashion while using logic to destroy the argument of those that seek to take what is rightfully ours. Wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove seems the more effective way to win over those that can be won over.

      I know of the arguments about the British lust for America, I've also heard that the Treasury Secretary is paid by the Exchequer, but it has also been folded into the same sort of lust by the Vatican in some accounts.

      I'm reading a rather odd, but interesting, book. It's title: Behold a Pale Horse. It touches on some of this, too, but attributes most of the subterfuge and intrigue to the Papacy and Rome.

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      • “…Wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove seems the more effective way to win over those that can be won over.”

        You still are discounting the value of smacking down flawed arguments. Nothing exists in a vacuum. What seems to be won over in the moment, in the case of CNN closing down the dialogue with Alex Jones and kicking him out the door, does not end there. The ineptocracy, if they chose to open their mouths around what you refer to as ”…those that can think and do so in a cogent fashion…” will only be relevant if said ineptocracy carries away their dissatisfaction into the company of other like minded individuals, whose numbers will dwindle in the face of a growing opposition. That has been the problem all along, the wimpish attitude of many of those who know the pathway to regaining prosperity against the onslaught of one-worlders Hell bent on our destruction to place themselves in the position of despots of one sort or another.

        After many attempts at the “gentle as a dove” approach having a 100% failure rate, that should be self-evident.

        It is understood that confrontation can only be carried out in certain circumstances, those being where opposition to despotic views cannot be so damaging to those that choose to be confrontational that they are silenced by various means. But we are trending into a time when many will have nothing to lose as they peer into the future, despite personal damage. It is better to seize the moment now than to wait for those who will act out of desperation against the banksters and their allies in the future.

        The joke of a fine for mortgage fraud engaged in by major banks, including HSBC, is but one example. Will this deter the crooks in the banking system who still are not behind bars? Not likely. The Savings & Loan crimes carried out in the 80’s placed these crooks behind bars where they could no longer engage in criminal behavior. Unfortunately that is not the ultimate solution. The real way to stop all this fraud is to get rid of the Fed and return to honest money, which, by itself, is a deterrent to criminal behavior. That is not a perfect solution, since it requires eternal vigilance against attacks on our liberties, which really are attacks on honest money. But it is far better than the massive fraud now being engaged in, primarily spawned by our central banking system. We are a representative government, but those who work in the public sector are in a sense captured by it. They seldom, if ever, will be driven to attack the source of their livelihood, but rather nibble at the edges of the real problem, fiat (counterfeit) bankster issued money, better known as un-backed Federal (?) Reserve Notes.

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