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  • kyjellie kyjellie Jan 8, 2013 8:28 AM Flag

    Alex Jones

    Maybe it wasn't his best moment last night. But how do you get your points accross with the liberal media? Just watching Piers lips pressed together was worth every minute. I'm glad that Jones didn't take the distraction bait and held his ground. Last night was about getting guns and Jones wasn't going to allow them to paint him into a corner.

    Wish we could post a link to the show.

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    • Others would have done remarkably better while not coming across and being batty and vociferous to boot. If it were to have been a debate between Morgan and say someone like Judge Andrew Napolitano, the message would have been delivered in a clear, no-nonsense and concise fashion without Jone's histrionics and then even the gun grabbers would been given pause.

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      • Moses:

        We are long past the point where dealing with subversives is with kinder gentler conversation. The British Crown has wished to retake what had, in their opinion, been theirs since Colonial days. Some of us have seen this personally first hand and through the actions of our forbears who fled rather than remaining as subjects to royalty.

        Please do not take the approach that British royalty is no longer relevant. There are ample instances to the contrary. Ask yourself why Alan Greenspan was “knighted” by the Queen to become “Sir Alan Greenspan”. That, by the way, treads upon our Constitution’s restrictions on accepting titles of nobility.

        If Napolitano was to take the approach that you suggest, he would get painted into a corner, just as they tried to do with Jones, so unsuccessfully that they booted him off the program. His arguments were just too compelling to respond to.

        You have to show a little more confidence in the intelligence of viewers. When they see someone being interviewed terminated prematurely, it demonstrates that in order to cut their losses they would need to end the discussion.

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