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  • chemaes44 chemaes44 Jan 16, 2013 10:55 PM Flag

    the setup I'm hoping for:

    I'm just watching. I tried a couple of things and half worked, half didn't. This is a sign that I should step back. I wrote that the chart is ugly and sustainable moves don't look like this, amongst other things I wrote. This is proving accurate everyday because each day, the chart looks as ugly as the last. My projections are coming up off by a lot. I've had a 31.767 target that refuses to be met. The dollar is behaving unusual too. It should have been drawn to the gap by now, but it keeps showing this timid strength. So, for now I have no guidance. Eyeballing it: 31.10 to 31.15 are good places to get long and 31.38 to 31.55 are good places to get short but I have very little confidence in either of those targets. When silver breaks out of this range he picture will become clearer.

    • hit 31.763 just now..i was off by 0.004 cents lol... i did get long a couple contracts at 31.10 for what its worth, volume was something i couldn't ignore.

      Volume has been STRONG. Just riding it for now without price target.

      Silver price is secured by $31.35 downside, upside $32.05. If silver should for any reason get to $32.60 (TREMENDOUSLY BULLISH) there'll likely be one pullback to maybe the 32.05 level before the bull really takes off. statement is good for 24 hrs.

      If silver breaks above $33.87, a pullback will be a chance to mortgage your house and go all in $31.75. good for 24 hrs.

      good trading

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