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  • sammystealth Jan 16, 2013 5:11 PM Flag

    Unemployment rate and retirees

    If the tea party republican's win over Mr. Boehner to not increase the debt ceiling, I am selling. My thinking is that the "people" elected Mr. Obama and he has the leverage. I think that Mr. Boehner is a reasonable person, and a compromise will prevail. The tea party will have their day, but not now in this deleveraging economy. Herbert Hoover would be a tea party guy in today's economy.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Using your obviously Keynesian polluted ideology, that quite frankly has been shown not to work, both now and in the 1930s, how much more government largesse and money borrowing to perpetuate this same ol' same ol' ad infinitum strategy would you be willing to endorse?

      Some of us recognize that at some point the order to turn hard about must come. The longer we await such a command means that the likelihood that the ship will founder rises and does so exponentially.

      QE to infinity and beyond.

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