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  • fjackny99 fjackny99 Jan 14, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    Looks Like the Cartel

    is still trying its best to hold down gold and silver. It only works for so long. The reality is central banks are still buying huge quantities of gold. What does that tell you? The shiz is going to hit the fan at some point and they need coverage. Fiat is fiat and gold is currency. Fact and fact.

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    • fjackny99,

      “…It only works for so long. …”

      There is a certain level of naïveté in your remarks, as there is among many attempting to divine the direction of the PM markets.

      For example, you say: “Looks Like the Cartel is still trying its best to hold down gold and silver. …”

      They have been doing this for over 100 years. In fact they were at it from the country’s inception. Alexander Hamilton was their “front man”, meaning the Rothschild’s, with him as their agent. If you think after that period of time their successors are going to go out waving a white flag of surrender, you are sadly mistaken and will lose more than you gain. After all, they control the government, which keeps them out of prison. If, as you imply, the mega banks are using lower prices to buy in, it is only so they can do more smack downs at higher prices to steal once again from the small fry at price levels where they will use paper gold derivatives to scare real money from the holdings of their like minded brethren who still remain solvent.

      This message, unfortunately, is lost among those who define themselves as “truth detectors”, along with their “ditto head” followers, whether media talking heads or their corporatist followers. Whether they are pretenders, or not, isn’t important. What is important is that the genesis of the problems is lost on them. Or maybe, like you, they don’t really care what levels of decline we experience, as long as they, and you, come out on top. This is a prescription for social upheaval where everyone loses.

      The guess here, from your screen name, is that you are from NY, and a large part of certain portions of that demographic seems never to learn the lessons of history, sad as that is. Their yearning for “money” misses the point of what creates real prosperity and happiness, which does not include chasing after real riches without any knowledge of what has brought that into being in the first place. It is most important to always identify those who can be classified in this category as being clueless, or worse.

    • Same thing happens day in day out before the markets open,they always take down gold ,silver ,oil..Its just not natural trading??

    • It has been hitting the fan for quite some time. Jim Rickards made a good case for this in his book, "Currency Wars." You are correct in directing attention to action over words.

    • Hope it happens in my lifetime...

    • smells like a smackdown comming and silver up and the miners starting to go red. the hedge funds must have got the inside word from the cartel that their going to smack gold and silver tomorrow.

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