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  • kosikc kosikc Jan 15, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

    Bendesbank is repatriating Gold out of NY

    Ahhhh ...
    "We don't believe your numbers."
    "Can we have our physical back."
    "The explainations that You put forth are suspect."
    "Give us our F&*%in Gold"
    I guess I'm not a diplomate.
    The arguement that Gold is not money is so thin. No it isn't paper dollars, it's better, it's convertible into anything - even Tuna.
    The game is getting very interesting.

    • Agreed Kasik. Things can fall apart quickly in this current global and domestic economic environment. Germany has been on the forefront of supporting deadbeats and over the last few years has heard every BS story from all the con artist Europe has to offer and I can assume they are really worried that they may never get it back or it'll be worthless..again.
      The first time I bought stock in a silver mine was right before x-mas.
      Just said screw it and loaded up. I'm POA of an estate so there's a lot riding. I'm feeling a bit better.
      Good Fortune

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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