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  • chemaes44 chemaes44 Jan 17, 2013 10:50 AM Flag


    yahoo won't let me respond to my own post...

    per: If silver breaks above $33.87, a pullback will be a chance to mortgage your house and go all in $31.75. good for 24 hrs.

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    • LOL, I appreciate all your posts, but Chem, the chances of that scenario happening in 24 hours are as likely as Oblama and the repukes agreeing to raising the debt ceiling in the next 24 hours.

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      • cme, I thought some folks would get a chuckle out of that:)

        yahoo does chop up messages fairly often don't they.
        The correction was: pullback for the scenario outlined would be $32.60 not 31.whatever.

        I was being a little cute by writing 24hrs the way I did.

        A $2.00 move in a day might be highly unlikely, but possible. However $1.00 today plus $1.00 tomorrow would meet the 24Hr recommendation.And, this scenario is very reasonable. movement is a function of time (how long it takes to do it, and by when), volume and price objectives.

        if it plays out, it plays out, if it doesn't, it doesn't. But, won't I have bragging rights for another day or two if I call before it happens:)

        good trading

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