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  • kosikc kosikc Jan 17, 2013 1:31 PM Flag

    SLW will pop on earnings.

    There is no doubt that silver has been held back by the powers that be.
    When you look at history, the domestic economy, when based on sound money, has been transacted in silver.
    Anyone who disputes this fact is not a student of history.
    We will return back to those times, not because of the likes of Jamie or Goldmen, but because the people demand it.
    The SLW business model, is nothing less then genies.
    Buy it up.
    The tidal wave of moral and ethical money is here, now.
    The banksters are a dyeing breed.
    And don't get me started on the second amendment.
    Henry David Thoreau would be turning in His grave.
    The People will have their vindication.
    And we are at the beginning of those days.
    The numbers published be the Administration are suspect at best.
    Can you say, fiction.
    Housing sales gain 14%, from where.
    The shadow inventory of foreclosed houses is huge.
    The days of Hollywood statistics is done.
    Wake up my friends.
    It's time to look at America for what it is!
    The demigods are very aware of the tide that is coming toward them.
    The Asians and the Europeans have been through this nonsense many times.
    The know first hand the damage that the politician's can do by not addressing the fiscal and monetary reality that is staring them in the face.
    Perhaps that is why Germany is holding off on their demand for repatriation of what is owed to them.
    I always thought that German's were much more astutes than the watered down demands that they have made, regarding their gold.
    So who got to them?
    Threats, please don't ask for all of it, because the whole system will collapse.

    Ounces under foot is the key.
    Or in the case of SLW, ounces that are controlled.
    SLW is worth $50 at least.
    And when the valuation of Ag resembles something related to it's true vale, wall street will be calling it the new Google of the new era.
    I don't own options, I own shares because I believe in the thesis of SOUND MONEY, the question is do You?
    I am long SLW and I hope You are too.
    It is going to explode to the upside.
    And if your not long SLW, do yourself a favour and go buy physical, You won't regret it.
    The game is over.

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