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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Jan 18, 2013 10:32 AM Flag

    Buying Silver; Shorting the Miners again?

    How long can they play both ends against the middle and not get burned?

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    • “How long can they play both ends against the middle and not get burned?”

      After watching the day to day moves of PM stocks over a number of years it is becoming clear that some have to be well connected to be able to profit on day to day moves. That has got to be the balm that prevents getting burned, but only the longer term will suffice for the rest of us. With this much criminality going on without any sort of law enforcement activities to stop it the information on the course of day to day moves is obviously getting passed around to select people in the banksters’ inner circle, and stretches on outwards to those who have their ears glued to the executive suite doors. The trick is not to get sucked into it because the moves are obviously meant to attract outsiders at just the wrong point in time.

      The time when these crooks will get burned is when we will have yet another heist on the public Treasury for the “too big to fail”. Unfortunately for them by that time the Treasury will be empty and most who have been glued to the mass media’s take on economics will get burned right along with the crooks. It’s going to be a very grim day in Camelot.

      From what has been read it seems organized crime figures are now gravitating into banksterdom so their norms of taking on encroachment on their methods of acquiring income don’t include putting a permanent stop to the plundering of their own ill-gotten gains through such things as the “inflation tax”. Birds of a feather, stick together. See Deep Capture for a more in depth explanation.

      Also of more consequence, see the progress taking place at the Spire Law Group. Place the following in your browser for some of the latest information:

      "Global Money Laundering Network of U.S. Banks Revealed by Spire Lawyers’ Investigation"

      Spire is also proceeding with their $43 trillion lawsuit arising out of mortgage fraud by the banks.

    • Good question. (We do have Jan 19 options expiration today. I normally do not comment on day to day pricing, but these options moves are almost like clock work.) Eventually the good PM stocks will break out. They have been in a funk for almost two years.

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