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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Jan 22, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

    Regarding replies to Topics, has anybody noticed…

    ... that their posts indicate having been made by the time displayed under “Latest Post”, but they are nowhere to be found? This happened under this screen name, and it seems it is happening to others as well.

    Is this just another facet of Yahoo censorship, with a hint of plausible deniability for said censorship, or is it just an indication that the message board remains broken in some respects? Either way, those who have spent time creating a message have no clue what happened to their message.

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    • I've had that happen more times than I can count. If its not censorship then it's some kind of obfuscation to the free flow of information, similar to not allowing links to be posted anymore.
      This is supposed to be the age of information but somebody wants the upper hand with the information. Just ask Aaron Swartz. Whoops to late, he's already been "censored" for good.

    • One other criticism here with the “new” message board redesign is that across the top of the list of messages is a “tab” called “Latest Post”. However it is only a “sort” tab of replies to posts. It doesn’t actually allow you, for example, to click on the time displayed, which links to that reply. If the topic is popular, anyone interested in the reply has to go looking for it and many times it is not even there, as the opening statements of this Topic describes. This is exceedingly stupid, and has been in place since these message boards were requesting suggested improvements at the bottom of each web page. It is almost a certainty that others have noticed this and have requested that it be fixed. But as said before…

      … stupid is as stupid does.

      This also feeds into the suspicion that this has censorship undertones to quell the popularity of many posts that attract a lot of interest.

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