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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Jan 25, 2013 2:07 PM Flag

    I sure wish

    that I was able to plow the dividend back into this today. But it would be even grander to receive it in kind....1 oz...1/2oz...1/4oz...1/10oz... SLW bullion coins.

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    • Take it for what it’s worth. SeekingAlpha has an article titled: “Dividend Investors: Beware Of Payments In Gold”

      For years Goldcorp has been hinting that they were going to do this through an arrangement with eGold. In 2009 eGold was indicted for “money laundering” (something, by the way, that they have not done with the major banks that are similarly involved except in ways that have no deterrent value). So it’s the same old story. The government applies the law only in ways that are politically to its advantage, and not according to whether laws are broken or not, whilst ponying up a miriad of excuses why it can't prosecute what is clear to most should be.

      Most of us can’t wait to see if the Spire Law Group will prevail in its $43 trillion dollar lawsuit against the major banks for mortgage fraud, among other things. That will probably require that the currency becomes worthless first (at which time $43 trillion might buy a haircut). So anyone that is mildly awake can see that there IS manipulation in the PM markets, if for no other reason than to keep their counterfeit scam going, thus deferring jail time for many banksters and the politicians that are supported by them. The crash of fiat currencies will have to be complete regardless of the merits, however, for such class action lawsuits to prevail. Too many will be bought off by bankster printed money otherwise. We can make these statements in an attempt to build a fire under the behinds of the political class, but isn't it interesting how they have such selective hearing. What this means is that if, and until, there are serious prosecutions of banksters for any illegal alliances they have with political leaders counter to our constitution, nothing will change. There are more law breaking alliances than the number of words allowed in a message such as this.

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