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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Feb 2, 2013 11:33 AM Flag

    28 Jan '13 Eco Calendar: Homes/Claims/FOMC/Cars Construction

    Let's see if we'll get away with this. 150K newly employed, kind of cruddy, and nobody will remember the Bernank said in 2009, the uptick in jobs growth will auger people coming back to the work force who just gave up, so that overhang needs explaining, so, uh, hmmmmm--we had some tepid growth and sure enough the unemployment ticked up to 7.9--what do we do, what do we do. Can't revise the % of unemployed, I think we did that last time, or was it the job number?

    I got an idea, I got an idea!!! to keep the party going, see, what we'll say is unemployment for Last couple months was SHY 130,000 bodies, yeah YEAH, we were wrong!! The economy is actually ticking upward with 200K job growth!

    That will fool the market, that will fool industry into thinking somebody is hiring to get a jump on the recovery, and may actually make a few businesses "catch up" with the newly employed who are potential customers!!! YEAH! YEAH!! We save the stock market and fool the rest of industry into thinking they are months BEHIND hiring, so let's see if they spring for some new jobs next time.

    After all, it's a virtual world out there, and money is made out of paper.

    They'll believe anything out there.

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