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  • dalerobin777 dalerobin777 Jan 30, 2013 1:24 PM Flag

    Big Ben

    Id say Bens money printing every month is having less and less effect. Japan and others are in a race to the bottom in the game of devalueing their money.

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    • Let's not forget about Putin. He is buying Gold each and every month for mother Russia.
      And so are the Khazaks.
      But the PM market definitely trades with the printing press. And a bad GDP pretty much guarantees a steadfast continuation of monopoly money printing. Thus, the blip after the dip as YDM calls it.

    • We've known for over a year now that further infusions of fresh money into an already beleaguered economy are having a seriously negative effect for most. Think about it in terms of over-fertilizing your garden. The good stuff is dying and the weeds are flourishing. This is the same situation that Roosevelt was staring at in 1938. More government jockeying of the economy with artificial stimulus will kill it. There's ample evidence of this since the fiat era came into being.

      The real remedy is tremendously less government, sound money and individual freedom. But those that wield usurped power already are fearful of the people recognizing them as being the real problem and certainly not part of the solution. There's a Renaissance underway in America and it will come about riding the bronco called Reprisal.

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