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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jan 31, 2013 4:38 PM Flag

    yup SLW is lifted anddumped, lifted and milked, lifted and bilked by Pascua's Silver Ponzi scam

    Erase PASCUA as SLW second largest asset.

    Write there... LAMA a USD6.5 Billion cost mine, to get encapsulated Silver in the limestone, that ABX is unable to get.

    For that matter, leave PASCUA Chile Silver, out of any ABX owned Silver equation, 100%.

    What shall not be erased, is the stolen asset price SLW was given the Silver for, so ABX could achieve a 3+ year extension, to current criminal charges against all its subsidiaries executives in Chile, extensive to ABX Canada plus International Advisory Board members..

    Now SLW insiders on the know, that willingly took SLW into PASCUA PONZI SCAM are responsible for daily CIVIL RICO PASCUA PONZI SCAM trades.

    SLW must erase PASCUA Chile from its books.

    Any plunging correction in silent pain lately?

    How many do have musical shares like DAYTON KRY ABX MDMN PMU and all others involved at Pascua theft, have had... along the NO BOTTOM WALLETS PILLAGE RIDE

    Did anyone see a message of any SLW monitor, addressing in a legitimate manner the issues at their faces?

    Nope, not even the SRK warnings at SLW'S now flawed 43101, that ABX did not show Chile area titles to SRK. If that was not a red flag warning r Chile Pascua problems at the Pascua La,a equation? what?

    Even Pascua lawyer's warnings from Vancouver BC Canada, were ignored by SLW - ABX + BCSC regulators. All, to the current cash - sh/p, PE detriment of innocent investors and shareholders.

    SLW deserves to join ABX and BreX at the MINERS HALL OF SHAME... like PMU...DAY..+. before them

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