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  • investorzzo investorzzo Feb 1, 2013 10:06 PM Flag

    Former Fed Advisor Urges Fed To Buy More, "A Lot More" ... $30 Trillion More

    Can't link because of yahoo

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    • "Their idea of cutting spending is to reduce the increase" I beleive most people don't realize that.

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      • “…I believe most people don't realize that.”

        The boob tube is a wonderful device to keep them ignorant, as is most of the mass media and public education.

        Public education in the US, by the way, can be compared to the Muslim madrasas in the way history is portrayed and the function of governments, especially when it comes to how the public sector is the answer to all social issues.

        This is the reason why school vouchers, for example, always are opposed so they cannot become more widespread, as it would significantly reduce the ability of government to brainwash the students into adopting socialist themes instead of describing, for example, how the private sector’s contribution is the key to prosperity. Public sector unions are the most powerful force in achieving socialist ends, because the membership considers itself among the elite, and forces compensation gains far in excess of those in the private sector, never giving back, in any significant way, what the private sector loses in economic downturns. This is a theme repeated throughout American history, and eventually leads to armed public protests, such as when the country discarded the Articles of Confederation to adopt the US Constitution. The US Constitution, by the way, unfortunately was largely influenced by Alexander Hamilton, who saw to it that the banking interests were largely represented in ways that have led us to the fiat money system in place today, which is run by the “Federal” Reserve System (currently reporting enormous profits).

        The bottom line is that for some to be so highly critical of the madrasas, and fail to see the parallels in this country to the public sector are highly hypocritical, and just another way at the margins of increasing the power of the military industrial complex beyond what is required to insure national security.

        Getting back to your statement on what people “realize”; when you want to promote secret agendas, you do so in ways that are so complex that they are not understandable to nearly all outside of elitist circles.

        Care should be taken when attempting to describe the aims of politicians and elitists as “psychopaths”, as this and a myriad of other terms have been invented to accompany the elitist agenda as a control mechanism on social behavior that is at odds with the elitist agenda. This was used quite effectively by the Nazis and Communist Russia to imprison those involved in protest movements (OWS, for example).

    • That’s an interesting number, $30 trillion. The dollar amount against major banks and real estate lenders in the lawsuit by the Spires law group is $43 trillion. Maybe the Fed, in its capacity to bail out banks that are successfully sued for fraud by Spires is merely going to print enough to keep these criminals in business.

      The title of the article, "Former Fed Advisor Urges Fed To Buy More, "A Lot More" ... $30 Trillion More", does find it by using that phrase in the browser.

      However, the suggestion to “QE” this much money is, in a word, NUTS. Have these people no sense of what history reveals of such a suggestion.

      Politicians are, without question, the #$%$ of the Earth. While they easily commit our military to wars that create loss of life of innocent civilians, as well as military personnel, as a group the politicos have a yellow streak in their backbone that is incomparable in any other part of the population. Their idea of cutting spending is to reduce the increase.

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