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  • lemmeknow23 lemmeknow23 Feb 14, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    I wouldnt be surprised if Barrick

    starts hedging their gold production soon after listening to the CC today...They are looking to unload properties...Their legal issues at Pascua Lama appear to be mounting as well....Their debt load is well above 13 billion.....This will directly affect all miners and spot............

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    • Shame on insiders at ABX + SLW keeping a COVER UP lid at PASCUA PONZI SCAM when in factr ABX has no Pascua titles to respond, no PASCUA LAMA SILVER as PONZIED.

      This criminal behavior is aberrant and only indicates that MARKETS ARE RIGGED TO STEAL PEOPLE'S MONEY

      Insolit that regulators first cooperated looking the other way 2009 allowing SLW to produce a PASCUA LAMA ALIBI for Barrick in exchange for STOLEN SILVER @ STOLEN PRICES.

      Shame on ROMULO DI FONZO the regulators that played all Italian games with SLW INSIDER KURT BERNARDI + other Italians... to COVER UP PASCYUA PONZI SCAM for ABX with SLW shareholders cash and company....

      Shame on TSX + OSC + BCSC for allowing fraud to take place and pillage of investors funds, in complete derilection of their fiduciary duties to protect the public's cash and investments.

      Shame on BARRICK for bribing the world at PASCUA LAMA PONZI SCAM

      has SLW received any PASCUA LAMA SILVER yet? ... ah?

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      • Since I am in tune with what you are taking about concerning the legal issues at Pascus Lama I will entertain your post....

        In the presser released today from Barrick the company stated that legal issues at Pascua may hamper the company in opening the mine in the latter half of 2014.These legal issues are directly related to the possession of the title at PL as well as environmental concerns.

        Barrick has failed to address this issue directly however with SLW entering the gold streaming business with a 2 billion dollar purchase one can surmise SLW is aware of the issue at PL.SLW will be reimbursed 600 million for this dilema however the future growth built into this streaming model is predicated on that silver from PL..Hence the reason for the Vale deal...

        The Vale deal is expensive and with the price of both silver and gold stagnating could prove to be an issue near and long term....If gold and silver break down from here all bets are off!!!!!!

        Good Luck!!!!!

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