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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Feb 16, 2013 4:42 PM Flag

    Strategic Relocation

    Please access the following interview of Joel Skousen:

    “STRATEGIC RELOCATION the film FULL VERSION HQ” from Alex Jones / Infowars & Joel Skousen

    He is a veteran Air Force pilot among his many other experiences in government and private industry, and not afraid to speak his mind on where we are headed as far as the nuclear threat from other nations. Among his statements are those about the political leadership in this country, which feel that they can drive the planet into Armageddon from whence the elite will escape harm, come out of their bunkers among the super rich, and share their dictatorial powers with other one-world leaders. Everybody else will be putrefying in population centers and when the smell of death subsides they will re-emerge. There is an overwhelming majority of people who will never realize that current leadership has much in common with those who attempted to spread their dictatorial powers in the 1930’s and 1940’s, and for that matter have similarity to current dictators, such as Castro, Chavez, Kim Jong-il (N. Korea), Hu Jintao (China), among others. They will have stolen from the masses what little wealth remains.

    The MF Global and the Jon Corzine story are just one of many who fall into this category of robbers who are beyond the reach of lawful sanctions for their illegal activities when it comes to theft of their customers’ money. In a recent YouTube interview of Gerald Celente, who had a segregated account at MF Global, he stated that the promised return of his money from his segregated account still has not taken place and he suspects that it never will. As far as Corzine is concerned, he is but a minor thief in comparison to the super-rich worldwide bankster Mafioso.

    Skousen shows a world globe with safest places people can retain their freedoms, and worst where dictators and socialists rule. On the American continents, interestingly, the only “safe place” is Chile. Some will remember that Chile had their own experience with dictatorship with the election of Salvador Allende, a Marxist. But the legislature organized a military coup to throw him out because Allende was in the process of nationalizing all industries. Allende committed suicide rather than resign.

    Skousen says much the same is going on in the United States, with the difference that many decades of public school brainwashing has produced many that have attended those schools and accept socialist views as a result. The Chilean people, and their predominantly conservative population, have forewarned the socialists that they are a threat to their way of life. Those who choose to remain in this country will have to dispose of their denial of the growing threat to their liberties or suffer the consequences. As Skousen outlines with his maps, there are “relatively safe” areas in the United States, but many, because of job opportunities, will find it difficult to relocate away from those considered “unsafe”.

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