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  • bullion_funds_for_suckers bullion_funds_for_suckers Feb 20, 2013 10:34 PM Flag

    Motley Fool pump article f or SLW today likely planted by call writing fund scamsters


    In terms of precious metals predictions I think Motley is nothing more than a propaganda machine for call writing funds who have massive written call positions in these less than awful precious metals stocks. That means the funds fully intend to wipe out ALL March call positions in SLW and, in fact, most of those calls are now underwater, heading for zero.

    In case you didn't notice, every Motley pump article about golds or silvers typically is followed by a sharp dive in those stocks. Do you think that is mere coincidence?

    Anybody who imagines that the financial media retain any independence from the scamster funds and banks who control the wall street casino is a truly naive dupe. The financial media are just scamster shills acting on behalf of the scamster funds--- so you can look forward to a steady dive in SLW for many weeks to come.

    Anybody who trust a single pump article of precious metal stocks by Motley is a genuinely a FOOL

    That is why I made radical increases in PUT positions in SLW upon reading the false Motley pump and I am absolutely certain I will make a huge $$$ score.

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