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  • rc3eagles rc3eagles Feb 24, 2013 8:01 PM Flag

    WARs are all dentral bank created ! Fed Reserve !

    I just saw a video that directly connects all WARs that the US has started or engaged directly to the Fed reserve, central banking system set up by The RothChilds and Warburg families, Rockefellers probably in there as well.
    Lincoln was shot because of the greenback, Andrew Jackson declared the US will provide its own currency. Once Lincoln was shot, the Fed reserve was created and again the printing of European money took place.
    Kennedy was killed for the same exact reason, his desire to back the dollar with Silver and Gold.
    Suddam Hussein, Kadafi also....Saddam would trade oil for Euros, "dead" Kadafi set up the gold Dinar for oil "dead"
    the list is endless, the federal reserve "european" controlled paper money, has stopped at nothing, they have killed billions to keep control of the US dollar printing machine and ensure the world trades in US dollars.
    The large national parks and reserves are really large blocks of US soil used as "collateral" agianst its debts to other countries, they are selling the entire US, As they flee to South America and set up the next century of exploittation, once they drain the US for all its worth, South America will carry them into the years 2100 and beyond.
    what a joke, and the fact our own media is in on it, its open season on Americans on our own soil !
    Beware, these blood thirsty S.O.B.s have no qualms about taking our lives, billions of dead are proof of that !
    They will send your children to fight their wars, while they are too cowardice to fight it themselves.

    amazing to realise the planet we live on is NOT what we grew up thinking it was, how the FK did i get here and how the FK do i get out?

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    • Wrong - JFK & Hoffa were fuding (italian mob vs. irish mob ) . JFK set up a CIA action to take over Cuba & kick out Batista . He set up Castro who doublecrossed JFK . JFK then trained 5000 Cuban exiles in FL to take back cuba - when it was decided not to invade (missle in Cuban hands) the 5000 well trained Cubans had to be delt with - hence tha bay of pigs . 4500 were killed (the blood was anckle deep in the few landing craft that returned) - 500 captured & ransomed back @ $100,000 each by the Cuban community in Maimi . Hoffa went away & so did JFK (Jack would have gotten elected so he went away too. Oswald was killed on national live TV (reputid CIA) ???

    • What you saw was quite accurate.

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