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  • cmegladon cmegladon Feb 28, 2013 5:03 PM Flag

    The markets have behaved for past 2 years but

    we know much if not al of it was due to Ben. Today, Mr. Fisher confirmed it just before the close and his words had something to do woth the waterfall at the close.
    The PPT or whatever you call them certainly has prevented a market collapse, but wouldn't it be funny if
    the administration said "let's put a scare into the [public" and let 'er drop for a while.Just to kick #$%$ on the repukes. What a country. Cage match. Democraps VS repukes.
    I wouldn't put anything past them.

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    • Using the AU/AG ratio to attempt to answer your question the following is observed:

      1. During 2008 the ratio surged to over 80, meaning gold was outperforming AG dramatically. Then the banking/financial crash took place in late 2008. This could mean that again the major indexes are being manipulated upwards, and with it the AU/AG ratio as a re-run of 2006 through 2008. (See the GoldPrice website)

      2. Thereafter into the first quarter of 2011 the ratio dropped to about 32 as those outside the banking sector sought to protect themselves with more affordable AG investments. This suggests that we are approaching weakness in a couple of years in the financial sector where AG underperforms, perhaps for another couple of years. When the financial sector weakness becomes daily news watch out while some future Treasury Department Secretary goes before Congress begging for relief (TARP 2), in other words more of the people’s money to bail them out. That would be a good time to get out of town. Or as Bush would say, “Fool me once, er.. you can’t fool me again.”-Bush and his crowd will undoubtedly be heading for Paraguay while the sheeple will be having buyers remorse with their Obamanomics choices.

      3. The timeline for the above might be more predictable by looking at the major market indices. For some time a H&S pattern spanning more than 15 years has been taking place. We are now traveling through the right shoulder of that pattern. Even bankster manipulation hasn’t been able to invalidate it. Currently the McClellan Oscillator suggests a dramatic change in direction (up or down). Up seems unlikely, and the McO can’t seem to travel above zero. A sell signal for that method of market prediction will take place when the Summation Index passes through zero, which is a little late for maximum profit potential.

      4. Remember that charts contain the decisions of billions, if not trillions of trades with a concerted effort on both sides of the trade to be profitable. So while fundamentals win out, they are actually built into the charts, especially those that encompass broad market behavior, like the indices. Some, like the NYSE, are less subject to manipulation. Not so the DJIA which is always widely reported, more narrow in scope and contains the hopes of the banksters and the political class to demonstrate an improving economy.

    • You're on the right track. After all, for some time now it's been all about managing perception by way of orchestrated events and propaganda.

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