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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Mar 2, 2013 3:26 PM Flag

    Yahoo Message Board Shutdown? Who knows?

    Am I reading this right, or is the Yahoo Message Board shutdown contemplated across the board, or just with respect to the mobile app? The CEO is taking shears to the company, and there is an article touting same.

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    • I would welcome a shutdown of this piece of shlt message board. They have chased off all but a couple of the real contributers anyway, and a full shutdown would force all of us to find a legitimate message center.

      nuf . . .

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      • "They have chased off ..."
        They?? I assume you mean the functionally illiterate nut cases who fill the boards with incoherent rants or spam? I can't imagine too many businesses are willing to spend advertising bucks to gain the eyes of these whackos.
        What Yahoo really needs to do is eliminate the constant flow of Motley Fool rubbish and to insist that Seeking Alpha do a little pruning to remove the contributors whose investing perspective would only appeal to middle school repeaters.

      • There have been improvements. Interestingly they came AFTER the election, which tells those of us that have been paying attention that we are considered mere puppets to those whose plans are for world domination.

        The power centers are within the central banks, but their days are numbered, try as they might to manipulate economies with counterfeit monopoly money. History tells us that fiat money agendas have ALWAYS failed. It is just a matter of time, and in the interim all manner of deception is used to pry PM investments from “weak hands”.

        As far as this message board is concerned, those who have complaints about it need to take a look at other Yahoo message boards. It is NOT a case of one size fits all. There appears to be a wide variation on how they are designed when looking at them in detail. Superficially they look the same, but there are those that have much better design. Interestingly NONE of them are in the precious metals sector. That speaks volumes about the control agenda. Banksters HATE precious metal investments of one sort or another in the hands of anyone outside their elitist circle because it would mean they are losing their grip on the “unwashed”. Be careful on this or any other PM message board whom you pay attention to. PM message boards are ripe for spreading false information to the detriment of those who believe there will be big returns for PM investments in the future.

    • why would they want to lose advertising revenue?

    • When it comes to Yahoo, as far as those concerned from this screen name, it WAS an apolitical stance. That is until it became known that Yahoo could/would shut down their financial message boards.

      So what next, of course to find out who runs the company. And that would be one Marissa Mayer. The further we got into it the more it was learned that she is a flaming liberal, politically. It took about 10 minutes to learn all of this.

      And what do we know about that end of the political spectrum? It’s all about control and world domination. Every bit of her background confirms it from the glowing reviews from liberal publications like the Washington Post, to her location in San Francisco, to the current rumors to shut down Yahoo’s message board, to her affiliation with the Democrat Party for the re-election of our current POTUS. While we’re at it lets point also to her formative years in Wisconsin, and perhaps the name Mayer, which could also be a difference in spelling for Meir, though the claims are a Lutheran connection, religion not being one of those things particularly identified with being a liberal, a socialist or a communist, take your pick, but probably just cover. And take notice the name Mayer Amschel de Rothschild.

      These message boards have a limitation on posts to around 3500 words, so we’ll just leave it at that, except to say that it seems success in the mega-corporate world today assumes a liberal bias, meaning they are all a bunch of control freaks with connections to central banks, which is a requirement for all control freaks (What else makes a mega-corp a mega-corp?).

      It is suggested that you keep a copy of this post immediately, as it obviously is not a glowing review and might not last on this board more than the blink of an eye. Again, it also points to the suspected reason why popular content is not welcomed when it get too close to the truth.

    • Getting rid of message boards, except finance and fantasy league sports. In other words no more commenting on news articles etc.

    • First of all I read that "message boards were shutting down" Nothing about any being left up.

      Secondly I consider this a blatant attack on the mentally ill who have pacified themselves for years and were made to feel relevant. It is cruel! (Not so much this board as many others)

    • Short answer this thread is nobody knows

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