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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Mar 6, 2013 9:33 AM Flag

    Message board changes

    Normally we are “Hapi” here, but...

    Apparently “yourdeadmeat69” spread a rumor from someone who knew there would be changes to Yahoo message boards and distorted what was about to happen, which didn’t mean a shutdown. It might look like one initially when the change happened since your old m/b string took you to Yahoo’s main Finance page today.

    Some people have a really strange sense of humor, and it appears that it must have been from a Yahoo “insider” up the chain of command to the top (Marissa), and maybe originated there if you look at her background in computer science. (Aren’t you glad you don’t work for this outfit? Deceit does seem to be ingrained in Yahoo culture, i.e, the way Carol Bartz was let go, but to be expected from liberal oriented managers.)

    What actually has happened is that the access strings were changed to the simpler form that existed before all of these board changes were made. You may have to go through the list of all your Yahoo Favorites/Bookmarks, if you use them, for message boards and update them. The change makes sense from the standpoint of streamlining the code required to reduce the drain on computing assets. But an honest advisory, rather than deceit, would have been the appropriate thing to do and not what has taken place to mislead m/b users with a big LOL issuing from the top of the chain of command.

    For example, the SLW access string is now: and not the much longer one that had existed.

    To access the message board you wish now, other than Silver Wheaton, merely change the SLW ticker symbol to whichever other ticker symbol represents one of your other Yahoo message boards.

    Incidentally, this IS righteous anger. A check was made to see if Yahoo informed users of the changes by placing an advisory that could be found by putting “Yahoo message board changes” in their Search box.

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