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  • only_observing only_observing Mar 11, 2013 7:26 PM Flag

    Silver shortages developing

    "The combination of the industrial and medical uses, in combination with silver’s monetary attributes, is going to lead to the demand overwhelming available mine supply. We also have the massive short positions in silver and there is very little inventory available. The JP Morgan silver short position is the primary reason why the silver price continues to be held at levels that are unrealistically low. " John Embry

    That has to be good news for SLW. Also, Japan planning to buy derivatives to support its markets. Fiat currencies are entering their terminal phase.

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    • Silver down again today. Man this is getting old. I dont think we have had one up day in silver in liek a month.

    • Explain please how a big bank or hedge fund can short a stock that is already so depressed? Why would they want to unless that is their job. Whose money do they invest? Don't they have a lot more to lose if they are on the wrong side of the trade.

    • need to hug that silver tigher!

    • the shortage is because everyone is hugging onto their silver

    • This is why I hold a large position, for me anyways, ..Im on a nice fixed income for now but with high inflation my SLW and physical silver are more of an insurance plan for me than an investment. Hyper-inflation and its tent city.

    • remember to hug your silver everyday

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      • bobjones814 Mar 12, 2013 8:38 PM Flag

        i away's get negative readings. that is the story of my life. at least my beloved hound dog love's me. i do not hate anyone. i am a roman catholic. gba

      • The shortage comes in the form of over papered (never done) for future physical delivery.

        When all things failed and ABX crashed at Pascua 2001... Gold and metals never stopped to climb from June 06, 2001 Injunction date... check Gold charts... T H E P A R A B O L I C


        Published ABX Pascua filings at SEC + OSC are aberrational mockery of the word h o n e s t y

        600 Million shor ounces at MINA PASCUA Chile, signaled to SLW by SRK @ Pascua 43101... Barrick did not show Chile area titles.


        1. BCSC + SLW + ABX fled insiders did it 2009, despite formal lega;l complaints.

        2. Repayment from other Silver by ABX "criminal C O V E R U P formula ROMULO DI FONZO - BCSC on the know) to G U A R A N T E E T H E P O N Z I

        3. All parties above were L E G A L L Y I N F O R M E D prior to signing 2009 PONZI SILVER SCAM

        4. Legal warnings from PASCUA owner and lawyer were ignored by all above cited + P E S E N T I another bello as record has it O N T H E K N O W A T B C S C.

        5. That brings up KURT BERNARDI author, accomplice of PATRICK GARVER - VENCENT BORG top fled SLW executive shortly after the fraud....

        6. ABX forgot to disclose CRIMINAL CHARGES to PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL Chile 2012 @ SEC

        7. At OSC, Barrick Gold Corporation did not file Chile criminal actions to PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL

        8. Barrick filed public libel and perjury v. Lopehandia & MSX December21, 2011... SLW and ABX have gloated to make money, on libeling PASCUA ownership.

        9. The G A M E I S C A U G H T

        10. G E T R E A D Y F O R T H E L O N G A R M O F T H E L A W S L W + A B X

    • The question here is that we have been hearing about this “shortage” for at least 10 years. How is it possible that industrial users have been able to obtain it for their manufacturing purposes? There have been reports, for example, that Apple cannot obtain enough to manufacture its products in China, and yet they always seem to. Are we dealing with myths propagated by those who wish to take silver prices in directions that are of benefit to them with no real backing to the underlying economics of silver supply? This is not to say that there won’t be such a scenario in the future, but what is the current evidence as the price continues to crater in the face of a so called economic “recovery”. It seems all the pundits who put out their stories of short supplies over the Internet are saying the same thing, and state the stellar opportunities of investments in silver on PM forums.

      Have the Economics 101 theories of “supply and demand” been repealed? We still haven’t reached tops experienced in silver prices of $50/oz back in the late 70’s, and is not even near the price it should be when considering “inflation”.

      Just wondrering.

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