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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Mar 13, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

    100000000 / 1 wager ABX + SLW lose PASCUA v Chile + FBI + SEC/OSC+ Lopehandia + MSX 2013... I win!!!!

    ABX + SLW better erase PASCUA now today from their books or they are caught selling CIVIL RICO PONZI SILVER of PASCUA PONZI SCAM

    No other way around... insiders of SLW caught libeling MSX + LOPEHANDIA shall be made a FINANCIAL MARKET PUBLIC EXAMPLE OF THEFT damaging someone's reputation to make DIRTY CASH SLW?

    Game over dirty rats... yield... yield your stolen cash and Silver u crooks.... SLW to the basement together with its cesspooling PASCUA broke ancestors DAY + KRY + PMU + MSMN all ABX Pascua FAITH-FOOLS

    Tank hard hearties, the plank and the sharks jaws are oiled today to swallow ABX + SLW to the depths

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    • Let me give you some advice. I realize you are posting the same #$%$ over and over because you are trying to promote some cause but may I suggest posting just 1 completely coherent post. One post that actually has information in it and is understandable would go a lot further towards pushing your cause then the hundreds of rambling jibberish posts you have made to date. Just a suggestion.

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